Monday, December 1, 2008

Pixton - Learning Through Comic Creation

Pixton Comic Creation Site

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Santa Game

This is a fabulous site that starts being fun right away.

I haven't found anywhere on the web that is as fun to create your own profile. If you go to my profile, you can see that I've added my two dogs, my own hair colour... and I pretty much look like me. I was even able to post a note to people who come to see me! I was also able to allocate where I live on this planet. And eventually, as I build friends, I will be able to see all the different countries my friends live in too! Cool!

At first glance though, I thought I'd have to create all my own comic strips and characters. Honestly, I don't have time to do that but I wanted to be able to show my kids something that I had made up quickly.

Well, it turned out that there are preset comic strips available too! All I had to do was insert my words and voila!

Not only can you have fun creating comic strips, but there's a geographic element also. When setting your profile, part of it is placing yourself on the world map.

The Santa game also supports learning about geography. Every few presents that are dropped brings the player to a map of the earth where a question is posted about a chosen country. The player then clicks on the map where the country is located. As the player answers the geographic questions accurately, they gain points.

On top of geography, range identification is also established as the visual difference between a country that is 52,000km2 and a country that is 520,000km2.

I found this educational gold mine when searching the internet for a Santa game for the kids.


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